How to Plasti Dip Your Car (Tips and Tricks Included)

How to Plasti Dip Your Car

Plasti Dip is a versatile rubberized coating that allows you to change the color of your car without the need for expensive paint jobs. It is a popular choice among car enthusiasts who want to customize their vehicles or protect the original paint. Plasti Dip is easy to apply and can be peeled off when you want to revert to the original color.

In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to plasti dip your car, along with some helpful tips and tricks to achieve the best results.

Gather Your Materials

Before you start the plasti dip process, it is important to gather all the necessary materials. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Plasti Dip: Choose the color(s) you want to apply to your car. You can find Plasti Dip in various shades and finishes.
  • Painter’s tape: Use painter’s tape to mask off areas that you don’t want to be coated with Plasti Dip.
  • Drop cloths or plastic sheets: These will help protect the surrounding areas from overspray.
  • Cleaner and microfiber cloth: Clean the surface of your car before applying Plasti Dip to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Spray gun or aerosol cans: Depending on your preference, you can use a spray gun or aerosol cans to apply Plasti Dip.
  • Respirator mask: Protect yourself from fumes by wearing a respirator mask.

Preparation is Key

Before you start applying Plasti Dip to your car, you need to prepare the surface. Follow these steps for a smooth and long-lasting finish:

1. Clean the car: Use a car cleaner to remove any dirt, grease, or wax from the surface. Dry it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

2. Mask off areas: Use painter’s tape to mask off areas that you don’t want to be coated with Plasti Dip, such as windows, headlights, taillights, and trim.

3. Protect surrounding areas: Cover the surrounding areas with drop cloths or plastic sheets to prevent overspray.

4. Sand the surface: If there are any rough or uneven areas on your car, sand them down to create a smooth surface for better adhesion.

Applying Plasti Dip

Now that you have prepared the surface, it’s time to apply Plasti Dip to your car. Follow these steps for a professional-looking finish:

1. Test spray: Before applying Plasti Dip to your car, do a test spray on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that the color and finish are what you desire.

2. Apply the first coat: Hold the spray gun or aerosol can about 6-8 inches away from the surface and apply a thin, even coat of Plasti Dip. Start from the top and work your way down, using smooth, overlapping strokes.

3. Let it dry: Allow the first coat to dry for about 15-30 minutes. The drying time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity.

4. Apply additional coats: Apply 3-5 more coats of Plasti Dip, waiting 15-30 minutes between each coat. This will ensure a solid and durable finish.

5. Remove masking: Once you have applied all the coats and the Plasti Dip is dry to the touch, carefully remove the painter’s tape and drop cloths.

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Finish

To achieve the best results when plasti dipping your car, consider these tips and tricks:

  • Temperature matters: Plasti Dip adheres best when applied in temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid applying it in extreme heat or cold.
  • Use multiple colors: Get creative and use multiple colors of Plasti Dip to create unique designs or accents on your car.
  • Apply a clear coat: For added protection and shine, apply a clear coat of Plasti Dip after the colored coats have dried.
  • Practice on a small area: If you’re new to plasti dipping, practice on a small area of your car before tackling the entire vehicle.
  • Peel off carefully: If you decide to remove the Plasti Dip, start peeling from an edge and slowly work your way across. Use a pressure washer for easier removal.
  • Maintain and clean: To keep your plasti-dipped car looking its best, wash it regularly with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.


Plasti dipping your car is a fun and cost-effective way to change its appearance or protect the original paint. By following the steps outlined in this article and keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can achieve a professional-looking finish that will turn heads on the road. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and transform your car with Plasti Dip!

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